Art dolls
by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok
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Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok stand at international exhibition in Riga Art Doll festival

My Dolls at European Professional Art Doll Festival 2015 in Riga, Latvia

This year's festival was even more amazing than last year's. Thank you everyone for coming! Your kind words always encourage me.

Курсы авторской куклы ведёт Елена Дашунина - Найдёнок

Art doll making classes

More information - here

Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok dolls at European Professional art doll festival 2015 in Riga, Latvia

European Professional Art Doll Festival

I'm very pleased to become part of one of the most astonishing art doll festivals in Europe. Don't miss out on such an amazing event.


Art dolls by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok


In the mood for jazz

Wooden art doll

Via Lactea (Milky Way) art doll


art doll

Silkworm art doll

Via Lactea

art doll

What about me Pretty worm girl in the apple Art doll made by artist from Latvia Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

Baby worm girl

art doll

what about me baby worm art doll

What about me?

art doll

What about me? Baby worm boy art doll

Baby worm boy

art doll

Camomile girl Art doll Made by artist from Latvia Jelena Dashunina Naidjonok

Camomile girl

art doll

Full moon

art doll

Snowman art doll

A New Year's wish

art doll

Wooden teddy bear I'm a cool pilot Arch art doll

Teddy bear

Wooden arch art doll


Wooden Teddy bear girl

Spring art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok


art doll

About me

artist Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok


My name is Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok. 'm an art doll artist. The place where I live and create my own magical world is called Ozolnieki (from Latvian - the land of oaks). I often find my inspiration in the beauty of Ozolnieki lake and the forest that lies beside it.

I always knew that I want to become an artist. I was twelve when I decided to enter an art school. It took me 5 hours to get there and back home. Even though long way made me exhausted I never thought of quitting art school. I felt like I belong there more than anywhere else.

After graduating from school I chose wood, stone and bone carving as my major at the Abramtsevo Art Industrial College. The skills and knowledge I got during 4 years of studying there made my dream come true, I became an artist.

I was not so long ago when I first found out about art dolls. I made the first doll out of curiosity and ever since then I'm in love with this branch of visual arts. I feel like there's spark of life in each of my dolls. They all have different characters and unusual stories behind them. And what I like the most is a magic, which brings adults to the world of fairytale when they look at their favourite art doll. I hope one of my dolls can bring you to that world.

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