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A New Year’s wish

“A New Year’s wish” is an OOAK art doll made by me in 2010. This doll took part in the art doll exhibition Nukukunst in Tallinn (2013).



Height: 43 cm
Materials: Air-drying clay, Latvian eco wool of high quality, leather, wild silk.



I used air-drying clay “Efaplast” for making the body and the head of the doll. Hair is made of linen. White suit and a hat were made using wet felting technique.

I used wild silk for for the shirt of the snowman. The snowman has a pocket watch (made of clay as well) and a metal cone.


This doll the same as all of my dolls has a story about it. On a frosty Christmas night a snowman was standing in the courtyard. He was built by local children in the afternoon. It was a happy day for him, so many children playing with the snow and laughing. But evening came and all the children ran back home for a New Year’s dinner. A Snowman was left standing in the courtyard just beside the windows. He looked through the window and saw a family enjoying a delicious dinner, talking and laughing. While looking through the window the snowman forgot about the time. Suddenly he looked at his watch. Ohhh! It’s almost 12. It’s time to make a wish!. He closed his eyes, imagined something he wanted the most that minute. The smile showed on his face. He knows that the wish will definitely come true! What do you think? What was his wish?


Snowman art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok


Art dolls by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok