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What about me? (Second apple)

This is one of a kind art doll I created in 2013. It is the second apple from the art doll collection “What about me?”.


Height: about 24 cm including the leaf.
Materials: Oven-hardening polymer clay, wool, silk


She is a baby worm girl that lives in an apple. Although she is still a baby, there’s a cunning look on her face. She found the biggest and the most delicious apple for herself. You can see by her chubby cheeks how much she enjoys it. And she has no interest in sharing it with anybody else.
I presented this doll at the international art doll exhibitions : Panna Dollia in Minsk, Belorussia (2014), European Professional doll art festival in Riga (Latvia).


Art dolls by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok