Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok is a Russian born artist who now lives and creates her OOAK art dolls in a beautiful Latvian town Jelgava.

Jelena’s major is artistic wood, stone and bone carving. She works with different materials, but wood is her favourite. She believes that it has special energy, which you can feel when you work with it.

Jelena has presented her dolls in a number of international exhibitions such as : Nukukunst art doll festival in Estonia, European Professional Doll Art festival in Riga, Latvia, Panna Dol’ya art doll festival in Belarus,

International art doll festival in Kaliningrad, Russia etc.

She also had her personal exhibitions, as well as exhibitions of her students in several national museums of Latvia. One of the exhibitions was called “Dolls and people” as it featured not only dolls, but also portraits drawn by Jelena

Her works are in private collections in USA, Australia, Germany, Estonia, Latvia etc.

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